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MappingISIS.com aims to provide a visual, cartographic history of the rise, conquests, dissemination of global affiliates, spread of terror attacks, and retreat of the ISIS Caliphate. Our mission is to provide the public with up-to-date cartographic “snapshots” of both historical events going back to the emergence of ISIS out of the Iraqi insurgency and current events as they unfold in real time. We will include subheadings to our maps that explain the specificities of every given historical map image and contextualize it. Our ultimate aim is to provide a means for understanding the ISIS phenomenon in lands that are terra incognita to many. In the process we aim to provide both a bird’s eye, macro overview of ISIS inkblot expansion and retreat that maps out both large events—such the ISIS conquest of Mosul and northern Iraq—and small more detailed granularity in the form of micro maps focused on specific events—like the ambush of U.S. Green Beret Special Forces in Niger. Our site is still under construction as we are currently creating our map data base. We aim to have it gradually fill out with dozens of maps in coming months, please check back in for future maps and explanations.